Psalm 149, Version 2


1 Prepare a new song, Jehovah to praise,
Amidst the full throng, His honours to raise,
O Israel, for ever thy Maker adore,
Exult in thy Saviour, thy King evermore

2 Encircling His throne with sacred delight,
Let Jesus alone your praises invite:
Your voices combining touch every sweet string,
In harmony joining, the Saviour to-sing!

3 Ye saints of the Lord, as round Him ye stand,
His two-edged sword, His word, in your hand,
To sound His high praises your voices employ!
To victory He raises, and crowns you with joy.

4 In vengeance He comes; the nations draw near;
His throne He resumes; His judgments appear:
There kings shall adore Him, nor princes rebel,
And sinners before Him sink trembling to hell.

5 Then, raised from the dust, His church shall proclaim,
Thy judgments are just, and faithful Thy name,
This honour for ever His saints shall attend,
Let praise to the Saviour in triumph ascend

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